Minggu, 21 November 2010


Hello there,
how are you? how's life? hope everything is great there.
been long time not update this blog. busy being myself and being robot tho to pay the bills, yeah, sometime pain inthe ass. but wont too long. this sketch make me still feeling fun. still on progress when i have mood.

I have been make tumblr, yayaya, I know, so laate :) Thanks to Miss V to make it happen. I only posted image that I want it. just stop by if you have a little time.


4 komentar:

Dharma mengatakan...

itu skecth booknya???

painsugar mengatakan...

semacam itu :)

Curious Art mengatakan...

Good to know you've been sketching away under the radar! Beautiful drawings. I've been working more than posting too. With me the blog stuff always comes in waves.

painsugar mengatakan...

thks so much. Yeah, for sure. always have a lot of fun to draw without doubt of any fucking "value". Drawing for the sake of fun! :)